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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is

The Company Group is dedicated to develop and make available products which enable buyers/users to maintain a sustainable life style. It is well known that all living beings on earth consume more resources than what Mother Earth can deliver to all of us, and thus, at the end an unavoidable catastrophe will wait around the corner for coming generations, unless we all start instantly to produce and consume products and services which are sustainable and use much less resources and energy and where the total exploitation of all sources will stay within the natural global re-generation capacity. In order to fulfill such a mission we, more or less, need to cut all our resource and energy consumption to one third of today's usage due to the present irresponsible life style mankind is providing for time being. Therefore our internal company goal is to always be more than three times more resource and energy efficient compared to present traditional life style production and consumption patterns.

2. Why LED lighting, there are other technologies?

At present the developments in directions such as LED, AMOLED and OLED technologies have proven to be most efficient and safe lighting technologies in order to create a sustainable, economical and long lasting path where mankind is, more or less, imitating the way how our sun do create the sun light. Generally, these technologies are environmentally friendly, very efficient and long lasting, which are the basic conditions in order to create a sustainable life style for mankind. The energy and resource savings are, at least, tenfold compared to the traditional light bulb technologies which have been around more than 100 years.

3. I have heard that LED lighting is more expensive compared to other efficient lighting technologies?

In the beginning LED lighting was prohibitively expensive. All new technologies start like this. has invented a new way to implement the very efficient LED diodes and this new production technology enables us to compete with all known traditional lighting technologies besides LED lighting at about the same market price levels. We are basically differing from other LED lighting producers by producing endless lighting lengths, which enables users to install, even, several kilometers of LED lighting profiles in one continuous pattern made on the basis of extruded aluminum profiles.

4. Is this the only reason for being more economical compared to other competitors?

Not only, but one of the reasons is that we have a very cost efficient technology. Other reasons are that we only use the most advanced LED chips on the market, produced in the United States and far ahead of the Asian competition as regards quality and efficiency. has got its own patented technology to apply phosphorus content on the diodes, which is more light efficient compared to other available LEDs on the market. 

Other reasons are very efficient production and administration systems, which are based on paperless administration in order to be as ecological as possible. All our production facilities are maintained by using renewable energy, which comes out to be more economical (and more environmentally friendly) compared to fossil energy.

5. How do I buy products?

As mentioned, our philosophy is to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, therefore, we only practice virtual and fully automatized web-based sales operations. This does not mean that we do not give personal care to our clients. We have personal local representatives wherever sales-opportunities do exist. Always there is a person from our organization behind all sales-transactions, no matter if you buy directly on the web page or you ask a local sales representative to conduct the purchase transaction.

6. Why should I buy your LED lighting, I have not seen your products yet?

We are perhaps not yet known as the Philips and Osram brand names, however, we have a very stringent ISO 9001 production procedure, which, among others, secures that high quality products leaves our production facilities. In order to assure you our commitments to deliver good products and a sustainable reliable relationship to our clients, we offer minimum two years of quality warranty and possible warranty protection extensions up to 5 years.

7. How do I get deliveries?

We normally deliver through UPS courier services or through forwarding transport agents if larger deliveries are at hands. You also may pick up our products at depots or production facilities as advised on our web page.

8. How do I pay?

We are accepting payments through practically all known payments systems, such as bank transfers, auto bank payments, credit and debit card payments, Paypal, Western Union, Bitcoin payments, cash payments, consumer and business deferred payments as offered on our web page under My Credit.

9. I want to get instant delivery of ordered LED lighting?

In case we have the ordered products in stock, delivery can be made within two days after payments have been cleared with us. In case the product is not in stock, we generally need 30 days to deliver your order.

10. I have a very specific need of LED lighting, can I order a "tailor-made" product? is unique in this sense that we allow all our clients to configure the LED lighting EXACTLY in such a way as he needs that product to be in order to fit a specific function. Just log into our web page and choose the "Product Configurator", where all further actions needed to be implemented are explained as you go. The "Product Configurator" also calculates the price and weight for you in a few seconds and you then just add to cart for check out and payment procedures.

11. I have no clue what kind of LED lighting I need, what to do? also offers sales and consultancy services. Just click on the type of assistance you need on the main web page and order required services. A representative will instantly contact you in order to fulfill your request.

12. I bought one LED lighting from you and I am not satisfied with how it functions and want to file a claim or get in contact with, how do I file that claim?

Please just open the claim form on the web page (way below in the black field) and fill in requested information and send back to us. In case you rather find the problem of minor importance, then send us feed back you also find the feed back form to click on below in the black field).

13. I need a specific recipe of a specific color combination and intensity of LED diods, how do I order such product?

Just fill in whatever LED color diode recipe in the "Product Configurator" and we will produce that lamp for you.

14. How do I order color combination and intensity for Green House LED grow lighting?

Just fill in the "Product Configurator" and we deliver you any kind of recipe.

15. I do not know what kind of LED lighting I need for my Green House?

No worry, just click on our consultancy services window and submit your needs and we will solve the proper recipe for you and other needed conditions in order to make it all to work as you expect that Green House lighting to function.

16. I am interested to be a sales representative, how do I contact you?

Just click on the B2B/Partnership button in the main menu and choose Sales Representative and follow the instructions or the feed back link (below on the web page in the black field) and give your personal data, telephone, address and define your suggestions and we will instantly contact you in order to find a solution which would be attractive for you.

17. I am an architect and I would like to cooperate with you in introducing your LED lighting into my design. Can you deliver me full documentation and other needed support in my work?

Please click on the B2B/Partnership button in the main menu, then choose Architects and follow the instructions or click the feed back link (below on web page in the black field) and write us all your needs and we will instantly contact you in order to solve your problems.

18. I have a wholesale distribution company and would like to distribute your products to my retail sales network, how do I get a distribution agreement?

Please click on the B2B/Partnership button in the main menu, then choose Companies and follow the instructions or click on the feed back link button (way below on web page in the black field) and describe all your suggestions and we will instantly contact you.

19. I am representing a local municipality administration and would like to invite you to take part in a tender for street lighting, how can I contact you?

Please click on the B2B/Partnership button in the main menu, then choose Public Partnership and follow the instructions or click on the feed back link (below on the web page in the black field) and send us more details in order for us to get all information needed to offer our LED lighting in your tender procedures.

20. How do I order LED lighting which I cannot find on your Web page?

Please give us more feed back link (below on the web page in the black field) and we always will find a solution for you.

21. Where can I find reference list of LED Lighting customers? is, from time to time, updating a reference list which each registered permanent partner of ours has access to. Each new client is kindly requested to register on our web page as a permanent partner and thereby he will also get access to this reference list.

22. Where can I find photometric tests of LED lighting?

The most recent photometric tests are available as PDF copies on the web page after registering and clicking on the My Account button.

23. Is it possible to regulate the color-composition of the Greenhouse Growth LED lighting?

The standard version of Greenhouse Growth LED lighting is without possibility to change the proportions of colors. However, upon ordering an optional color regulator, the proportions can be changed at the dicretion of the user.

24. What is the resistance Greenhouse LED to chemicals?

The Greenhouse LED lighting is the only type of Growth LED lighting on the market which has got 100% protection against all kinds of chemical penetration, due to the fact that all the functioning parts, including connector cables, are completely sealed and IP 67 approved. The LED lighting has been tested in various toxic liquids for months without causing any damages at all. All lamps are delivered with a 2-5 year warranty covering usage by all known toxic chemical substances within any kind of Greenhouse production.

25. I am a whole-saler and expect to get a reasonably good discount margin when ordering LED lighting, in order to compete on the market. What discount can you give me? has got a quantity based whole-sale discount system, where large volumes render higher discounts. Also, one more important factor which has influence on the pricing is the payment terms we agree upon. For “cash and carry” deliveries and Bit-coin transactions, we always will give the best pricing besides the large volumes discounts.

26. What is the maximum production volume which can offer?

The LED lighting production technology enables us to very quickly scale up production in order to cope with all orders received. There is no real threshold limiting the production volume and we generally take any volume of orders with a 30 day delivery time.

27. Do you have any light performance tests of your offered LED products performed by independent institutions?

Yes, we have several tests made of various LED modules where our general light parameters have been specified. Please click on this sentence in order to open a link to the different test reports.

28. Which diodes are used in the production of LED Lighting Modules

LED Lighting Modules install the best chips and LED INTEMATIX BRIDGELUX PHOSPHOR. The whole technology of LED lighting modules is based on the unique recipe and precise construction.

29. What kind of material is used in the production of fasteners LED Lighting Modules

Fixture LED Lighting Modules obtained: stainless steel.

30. What are the properties of beads placed on LED Lighting Modules

Beads reduce the temperature and provide more stream of light at LED Lighting

31. Is there a possibility of ordering more wide or narrow profile?

Yes, you can select more wide or narrow profile, because we have structures in two dimensions. Regarding the wider profile, there is the option of installing several modules together.

32. What is the percentage decline in the vitality of diodes\ LEDs?

Normally decrease in lifetime of diodes LEDs is 20%, but our diodes LEDs show a decrease of only 10%.

33. What feeders are used in LED Lighting Modules

Power installed in the LED Lighting Modules are produced based on our own innovative technology and design.

34. Where is located the production of LED lighting modules LLC. is the USA company, however the manufacture and assembly of components is carried out in the United States, European Union and China.

35. Does on the site has opportunity to download files that are used for DIALux?

Yes, every lighting module LED has a button "File DIALux", which is allow, after setting up the product, create and download the file.

36. What is the lifetime of LEDs?

At this time Diodes of LED are the most strong sources of ligh. . Some kind of LEDs can illuminate continuously up to 120 000 hours !!! During standard exploitation this means using diodes through the period of 10 years. Properly used LEDs do not burn out suddenly,but their light stream weakens gradually.

37. Whether on repair of the bought product the term of guarantee hurries again?

The exchang of a product means that after delivery of product without a defect, the warranty period indicated in the warranty document runs again. In case of when the defect of the product purchased will be removed by exchanging of part (component), only for this part period of guarantee given in a warranty document,will hurry again from the date of delivery of the product.

38. How long is the warranty period for the purchased products

Unfortunately, there is no answer on this question, it depends on Customer. The warranty period for the consumer is 24 months from the date when the item was delivered to the customer, and the warranty period for entrepreneurs is 12 months. We, however, a possibility of prolongation of the guarantee.

39. Do I have the invoice to later claim it was my product?

Yes. Possession of an invoice, is designed to allow determination of the date of purchase and proof that the customer actually bought the product. This information is necessary for us to consider the complaint.

40. What about personal information?

These information will be used only to consider the complaint and to eventual telephone / e-mail client satisfaction survey. These data will not be distributed or processed

41. Which norms and standards should comply with LED Lighting Modules?

Lighting Modules of LED inculcated to the market of the EU market must execute the requirements of the directives. Compliance with the requirements of these directives it is done by examining the products in accordance with harmonized safety standards. In the case of security research is a lighting modules PN-EN60598 and its European and national counterparts, in the case of electromagnetic compatibility tests BS EN61000.

42. What happens if Module LED will be flooded with water?

Module may continue to operate, because it has the degree of protection IP 67, and it can be submerged up to a depth of 1 m. Provided that the use of modules does not provide for operation with immersion in the water reservoir, wherein there is a possibility of the appearance of human !!!

43. If the module does not work should it be informed service of complaints?

Many complaints about the modules are unfounded, so please check before filing, if the problem occurs after replacing the light source or other consumable items. Please also check whether the power is suitable for the module.

44. How should report the damage to the module?

Defective unit must be provided together with the attached Complaint Protocol available on the website in the "Claim Form" to the Guarantor at the indicated address. The Guarantor will consider the complaint within 14 days of receipt of the defective module with the Complaint Protocol.

45. Is it necessary to give all detaile information about quantity of module, describe of the module model, date of purchase, etc., To make a complaint protocol?

We are very interested in the fact that our products caused the least problems. Only when we have all information describing the problem we are able to determine the cause and the best way to remove it. Therefore, please give to us all description of the problem that you have. If we do not have all information , the time the complaint will be extended by the time necessary to collect these information from the customer.

46. Are diodes of LED enduring on concussions and shots?

Yes. LEDs are very resistant to impact, shock and vibration. This is mainly due to the lack of fragile elements in the construction of the diode and that the LED chip and electrical leads are covered, and thus protected, durable plastic. As a result, LEDs can be used where up to now the installation of lighting was impossible or difficult.

47. product already delivered with a damage , but I noticed it only after three weeks. Can I recognise it as a logistics damage?

All complaints must be submitted no later than two months from the receipt of the goods. After this deadline, the complaint will be dismissed. There will also be accepted as a quality complaint. So please, on relatively accurate checking of goods upon delivery or within the first week. Especially strongly suggest also that in the listing, along with the carrier protocol non-compliance / discrepancies in the time of delivery, if you have any comments regarding the delivery.

48. If I see damage at the time of delivery, is it necessary to write a protocol or it is sufficiently write an application on your complaint form?

In this case you just need to fill a complaint form which is available on the website Please, write down protocol with a ferryman (courier, driver) every time when you notice any inaccuracy or damage, in the case of a dispute, this document will be crucial.

49. Is the module with bigger quantity of LEDs is stronger?

There is no such rule. The only parameter that informs how firmly this module lights there is an amount of of lumens per watt.

50. What color to choose - cool white or warm white?

It is impossible to clearly answer this question. It all depends on what the customer wants to illuminate. Cold shade is a light color similar to daylight, warm white, however, is slightly yellow and is close to normal light bulbs. In our opinion (which is what our employees prefer) as the main light, office light, you can use a neutral (version between hot and cold - but you should get used to this specific color for most people), but as a decorative light for watching television or during a romantic evening we strongly recommend warm color. When it comes to lighting at high altitude in the room type of industrial halls, definitely we recommend the color of cold. But remember, you do not choose two different colors of light in the modules, which are lit at the same time. In addition to the above, you should also consider the style and color of the walls of the room and equipment such. Modern interior with black, glass furniture and white walls - we recommend a neutral color or cold.

51. Where can I found Your realizations?

Here are the realizations of LED Lighting


Book warehouse

Car repair shop

Gas station in Ustanów


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